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WHOIS TheWhiteTiger?:

Wouldn't you like to know?

I'm a programmer, mainly writing Python, shellscript, HTML and CSS.

Aside from that, I'm into a little bit of everything; digital art, recording cassette tapes, infosec (encryption/decryption, digital forensics, etc.), locksporting, DJ-ing, beekeeping on the bees' own terms (I got three words for you; top bar hive), card games (such as Texas Hold 'Em Poker or [rarely] Magic: The Gathering), tabletop RPGs (mainly Dungeons & Dragons and Bloodsucker: The Angst), ranting about things, like for instance the most recent atrocities of Micro$oft or Appl€, or whatever else is the monster of the week.

I've been rewriting the site a lot, removing some old cruft, and making room for new things.

As such, there's not much in the way of content at the moment, but here's a desktop background I made, that you may use.

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